At KIT SA, we are always looking for new ways to adapt and develop our product offering to deliver the best possible primary packaging solutions to our customers. To this end, we are introducing a new line of seals/liners, with a range of options to suit your specific purpose.
Seals, cap liners or closure liners are utilised for a variety of reasons, from leak and tamper prevention to keeping the product fresh. Our range includes EPE Liners, Heat Induction Seals and Pressure Sensitive Seals, giving you the ability to choose the perfect seal for your product.

EPE Liners, Heat Induction Seals and Pressure Sensitive Liners are ideal for pharmaceutical products, ensuring regulatory compliance and a product your customers can trust and rely on. Our seals and liners offer a hermetic seal, protecting your products from moisture and contamination, while providing evidence of tampering for maximum safety.

There are various reasons to seal your cosmetics or personal care items, from sealing in perfumes and aromas, to preventing leakage. Our EPE Liners, Heat Induction Seals and Pressure Liners are all effective for this application.

Lubricants & fuel additives
Leading petrochemical manufacturers know that counterfeit products are a real problem in the industry. Beyond aiding in the prevention of counterfeiting, our Heat Induction Seals prevent leakage for motor oils, fuel additives, lubricants and coolants.

Agricultural chemicals
Chemicals and pesticides used in the agricultural industry are almost always both expensive and highly toxic, and a high-quality seal is crucial to prevent leakage and theft. Our Heat Induction Seals provide a perfect solution for both of these possibilities, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Other chemicals
For products like floor cleaners, inks and liquid detergents, our Heat Induction Seals will prevent leakage until your product is ready to be used.

Across the world, dairy manufacturers are using Heat Induction Seals to keep the products fresh, prevent leaking and provide tamper evidence. Our Heat Induction Seals also allow you to minimise the weight of bottles and closures, which can substantially reduce packaging costs.

Spices are especially vulnerable to moisture, and even the smallest amount of liquid can ruin the product. By sealing your spice products with our EPE Liners, Heat Induction Seals or Pressure Sensitive seals, you’ll not only extend the shelf life, but keep the spices looking, smelling and tasting just as they should.

Sealing beverages is the best way to prevent leaks and contamination, and our EPE Liners are purpose-made for this application.

From farm to table, the food value chain has many links, and your product needs to be properly packaged and sealed to ensure optimal freshness and to avoid contamination. Our Heat Induction Seals and EPE Liners will do just that, while extending the shelf life of your product.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our seals / liners offering, to discover which is best for your needs, and to order yours today.