At KIT we are constantly looking for new ways to adapt and develop our products to offer our customers new solutions. Through intensive market research and product development, we have developed a comprehensive product range which we continue to develop and expand to offer our customers the very best.

Silica Gel

We provide silica gel desiccants for a variety of applications. Our extensive experience in silica gel manufacturing has enabled us to respond to our customers’ demands with accuracy and efficiency. Our automated operation at our manufacturing partners offers our customers impressive product flexibility, and enables us to supply silica gel in various sizes, paper types and quality grades to meet our customers’ specifications.

We currently supply silica gel desiccants for the following applications:

Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging

Used to increase the lifespan of pharmaceutical products and medicines, our silica gel desiccants are highly effective moisture absorbers which reduce the risk of the product spoiling due to moisture build-up and exposure.

Logistical Packaging

Through extensive research we have identified lucrative opportunities in logistics. We are able to supply silica gel packs of various sizes to protect cargo, absorb water vapour and limit moisture damage for dry commodities like rice, spices, maize and many other foods, or steel, machinery, electronic or electrical equipment and wood during sea, air or road freight.

Food Preservative Packaging

Companies that export or handle fresh fruit and produce face the challenge of maintaining freshness from dispatch to destination. Our desiccants can absorb ethylene, a gas which accelerates the ripening process in fresh produce, to ensure that produce is fresh when it arrives at its destination.


Molecular Sieves

Our molecular sieves are used for the effective separation of certain substances. This crystalline substance is characterised by its uniform sized pores that can absorb small molecules. This zeolite is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including the dehydration and purification of various hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas and liquid streams. These sieves are also highly effective in the removal of COS.

Foam Inserts & Wadding

We manufacture custom foam inserts and foam wadding for a variety of pharmaceutical applications to suit our customers’ specifications. Our products are predominantly used as pharmaceutical packaging to minimise the impact on medicines and prevent tablets from breaking inside the container. Each foam insert is extensively tested through a series of independent microbial tests to ensure that our customers receive a high quality, uncontaminated product.


Blister Films

As the sole agent for Klöckner Pentaplast pharmaceutical and medical films, we procure and supply blister film to major international pharmaceutical companies that manufacture their products in South Africa. As a result, these international customers demand a level of service and professionalism which we deliver consistently without exception. Operating at this level we have become a reliable barrier film and blister packaging provider which supplies extensively tested blister film and medical barrier film, including PVC mono films to multiple layered barrier films, to a wide variety of customers for pharmaceutical primary packaging purposes.


Medical Disposable Wear

Disposable Dust Masks

-Comfortable nose foam piece allowing an easy seal.
-Dust mask allows for easy breathing and speaking.
-The dust mask allows for comfort even when wearing safety glasses/goggles.
-The mask is durable and lightweight.

Disposable Face Masks

-The face mask is hypoallergenic.
-It allows for easy breathing and speaking.

Disposable Beard Cover

-The elastic edge and headband loop allows for a perfect fit and comfort.
-The design provides complete cover and secures all facial hair.

Disposable Surgeon Cap

-The surgeon cap secures hair and minimizes the risk of contamination.
-The soft non-woven construction allows for comfort and security.

Disposable Mop Cap

–The mop cap (hair net) secures hair and minimizes the risk of contamination.
–They are soft non-woven, ensuring not only comfort but security too.
–Elasticated trims accommodates all types of hair styles and size.

Disposable Cover All (S-XXXL)

–The disposable cover all is made from breathable spunbond polypropylene
–They are practical for single-use, disposable coveralls.
–The cover all has elasticated cuffs on wrists and ankles for extra security and optimum fit.
–They come with a zipped front closure.
–All sizes have stitched seams for extra durability.
–Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Disposable Shoe Cover

– They are waterproof providing protection for light duty.
– With an elastic fit it ensures a secure fit.

Disposable Latex Gloves

–Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL.
–Disposable protective powder-free latex exam gloves made with premium grade natural rubber latex.
–Powder-free latex exam gloves prevents spoiling your clothes or work environment.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

–Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL.
–Disposable nitrile gloves are ideal for people with latex allergies.
–Nitrile exam gloves contain no latex proteins or accelerators.
–They have an excellent chemical resistance.

Disposable Plastic Apron

–Plastic Apron is waterproof providing protection for light duty.

Disposable Ear Plugs

-They are soft & mouldable allowing to seal the ear completely upon insertion.
-Fits all size ear canals.